Is this jigsaw a forgery?...

Aimee put together a care package for each person. This is the one she made for Guy


Following the success of last year's visit, Vicki Michelle joined the trio for a return appearance at the
Gloucester Goes Retro Festival.


Special thanks to
Councillor Colin Organ
and Jason Smith,
Chief Executive of Marketing Gloucester – and the glorious weather – for making it a great day for us and the visitors, and for their tireless work in promoting the city.


Guy, Kim and Richard show the amazing T-shirts that Aimee designed and made for them


Despite the headline, all three took an equal part in the acution and raised €2,000 for the school.

Kim, Guy and Richard have recently returned from visiting Nieuwpoort in Belgium – for the second year running – where they were received with great friendliness and hospitality by the people of this beautiful seaside town.

We like Belgium.

Among other activities, they took part in the auction of a painting by the famous Belgian artist, Herr Seele (pictured left) for the Ibis School in Ostend – which was founded to care for orphaned children of people in the fishing industry, and now assists children from socially challenging backgrounds.

We would like to thank Bert Gunst and his family and friends for a fantastic stay in Nieuwpoort


Richard, Kim and Guy had a busy day at the Cardiff Film and ComicCon at the weekend, where they had the pleasure of meeting superfan Aimee. These are some of the gifts that she made specially for the trio.

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